Richard II

Actor Shakepeare Project - Feburary 2016

Director: Allyn Burrows

Assistant Costume Design: Jen Bennett 

Scenic Designer: Janie Howland

Lighting Design: Daniel H. Jentzen

Sound Design: Arshan Gailus

Photo Credit: Stratton McCrady



Edge Boston - Passion from Whole Cloth


Review Mentions:


"IRNE Award-winning costume designer Tyler Kinney weaves his magic again with some gorgeous costuming." - Rich Fahey


"Richard is dressed in filmy white, later adding a white cloak trimmed in gold, with a "hollow crown" on his head, while the others wear either elaborate long robes of richly colored brocade, or rough-hewn brown sacking, depending on their station. The costumes are designed with impressive historical accuracy and appropriate pageantry by Tyler Kinney." - Iris Fanger


"Tyler Kinney’s costumes are pure period, with hats and capes straight out of central wardrobe... When Richard is about to be dethroned, he raises his arms, his robes making wings like an angel." - Patti Hartigan Boston Globe


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