The Temeramentals

Lyric Stage Company -  April 2012

Director by Jeremy Johnson

Scenic Designer: Sara Lee Brown
Lighting designer: John R. Malinowski

Photo Credit: Mark S. Howard


Review Mentions:

- "Tyler Kinney’s costumes -- ranging from period gray flannel suits to Harry’s magenta scarf and Rudi’s sporty tan suit -- complement the alternating conformity and individuality of the characters."  Jules Becker, Bay Windows

- “An atmosphere of fear, secrecy, and intimidation thoroughly circumscribes the lives of the gay characters in The Temperamentals underscored by the watchful men in fedoras… Rudi, meanwhile, is the picture of poise, nattily turned out in a black turtleneck and tan jacket… (the) design team do a fine job overall in creating a mood of shadowy, film noir-like suspense that augments the civil-rights story Marans tells.”  Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe

- "The Temperamentals employs techniques of film noir, enhancing the element of danger inherent in the narrative by means of dim lighting, shadowy figures clad in fedoras and overcoats… Chuck Rowland, the other founding member and one-time boyfriend of Hull, as a sardonic, dour figure in horn-rimmed glasses and a sweater vest, and Shopov gets in touch with his warm, feminine side to play Harry’s mother in a pink pillbox hat and Elton John-style eyeglasses."  Nancy Grossman,

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