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Astroboy & the God of Comics

Company One Theatre -  BCA Plaza Theater - June 2014

Director by Natsu Onoda Power

Scenic Designer: Natsu Onoda Power

Projection Design: Jared Mezzocchi

Lighting Designer: Justin Paice

Photo Credit: Liza Voll



Elliot Norton Award: Outstanding Design, Midsize Theater, Astro Boy & the God of Comics, 2015


Review Mentions:

"And the team of designers that made this seemingly impossible wonderland a reality are just as much a part of that hardworking ensemble." - Alex Lonati,


"Technical crew whose work here is superb even among a wealth of superb work bring buckets of multi-media talent to the show, not to mention a huge dose of high-wattage charm." - Kilian Melloy - Edge Boston


"Astro Boy is a winsome figure who only wants to help humans and is attired in red boots, a jet pack and a clock on her back, and cone-like tufts of “hair.”" - Don Aucoin, Boston Globe


"The eight performers plays a host of characters, but almost always return to the coverall uniforms that designate them as members of the Astro Boy production team." - Terry Byrne, Art Fuse


Technical elements play big roles on the mostly utilitarian set.  The props and costumes were designed to evoke the aesthetics of early science fiction:  low budget and high concept. - Noe Kamelamela, New England Theatre Geek


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