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Henry VI, Part 2

Actor Shakespeare Project -  May 2015

Director by Tina Packer

Scenic Designer: Eric Levenson
Lighting designer: Daniel H. Jentzen

Hair & Makeup Designer: Amber Voner

Photo Credit: Stratton McCrady



Boston Globe - Behind the Scenes


Review Mentions:

"This is not the first time I have praised Tyler Kinney’s costume design: he clothes his nobles and royals in an assortment of richly colored and patterned velvets, with gold embroidery – but his successes are not just with the richly appointed. The coarser fabrics, leather, ground-in dirt, and ragged hems of the lower classes are also a memorable part of the pageant." - Ian Thal, Art Fuse


"The characters are well delineated, and the changes of period costume make it reasonably easy to keep track of who’s who." - Jeffrey Gantz, Boston Globe


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