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Henry VIII

Actor Shakespeare Project - The Modern Theater - Dec 2013

Director: Tina Packer

Scenic Designer: Janie E. Howland

Lighting Designer: Daniel H. Jentzen

Hair & Makeup Designer: Amber Voner

Photo Credit: Stratton McCrady



IRNE (Independant Reviewers of New England) Best Costume Design, Midsize Theater, 2014


Review Mentions:

- “The costume design, done by Tyler Kinney, was elegant and intricate, staying true to the history's time period and utilizing elaborate patterns and fabrics. The Cardinal's deep red velvet robes, the detail and decoration of the king, the appropriate and representative hues: all were just so carefully thought out and beautifully ornate. This piece was delightful to see… exquisite costumes” – Alex Lonati

- "Tyler Kinney’s rich array of period costumes is sumptuous and most welcome, given that Shakespeare is so often performed in modern clothes." - David Brooks Andrews The Patriot Ledger

- "Tyler Kinney captures, and gratifies, the imagination with scrumptious costuming" - Kilian Melloy Edge Boston

- “The designers and director do a superb job of uniting forces to achieve a unified concept… I need to mention Tyler Kinney’s gorgeous, flattering, and stunning costumes. It’s rare to see Shakespearean garb so tastefully and excellently done… costumes are spot-on and brilliant. From the fabric to the colors to the cut, everything accentuates Packer’s beautiful production in the intimate Modern Theatre.” – Brian Balduzzi 

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