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Merchant of Venice

Shakespeare and Company - July 2016

Director: Tina Packer

Scenic Designer: Kris Stone

Lighting Design: Matthew Miller

Sound Design: Daniel Levy

Photo Credit: John Dolan


*2016 Berkshire Theatre Award Nominee - Outstanding Costume Design

Review Mentions:

- "Tyler Kinney gives a nod to Venice’s role

as a center of the Mediterranean fabric trade by dressing his upper-class characters in rich velvets and silks. Yet even the coarser garb of the lower class characters make use of vibrant tertiary colors. Most important, he displays the cosmopolitan nature of Venice; both trade and diplomatic delegations from other parts of Europe as well as the Ottoman Empire shuttle across the stage during scene transitions. The ornate costumes of the power elite are juxtaposed with the obscenely exaggerated costumes worn by the masquers on the night that Jessica is stolen away" - Ian Thal, ART Fuse 

- "The costumes by Tyler Kinney are pure magic" J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Edge

- "The costumes, by Tyler Kinney, are as elegant as elegant can be" - Bruce Chadwick, History News Network

- "Tyler Kinney's costumes are old-fashioned and richly colored" - Terry Teachout, Wallstreet Journal

- "Kinney’s costumes show the attractive and talented cast to good advantage and have a good freedom of movement

as well, despite the period attire." - Gail M. Burns, Berkshire On Stage

- "the finely detailed costumes by Tyler Kinney cast a rich glow on the proceedings." - Chesley Plemmons, CurtainUp

- "The costumes were period to the play and beautifully rich in color and texture." - Angelica Potter, OnStage Mass

- "The cast, dressed in flashy,

period suggestive costumes by Tyler Kinney" - Steve Barnes, Times Union

- "Tyler Kinney has created a sparkling Venice at Carnival time - Chris Rohmann, Valley Advocate

- "Gorgeous costumes by Tyler Kinney" - Ron Lee, WBRK

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