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Actor Shakespeare Project - September 2015

Director: Bridget Kathleen O'Leary

Scenic Designer: Eric Levenson

Lighting Design: Chris Brusberg

Hair & Makeup: Amber Voner

Photo Credit: Stratton McCrady


Review Mentions:

-"Eric Levenson’s set design and Tyler Kinney’s costuming also underscore the production’s mix or antiquity with the contemporary... We are clearly in a civilized place, and a seat of power. But we are also in a surrealist netherworld, a place of suggestion" - Kilian Melloy, WBUR ARTERY

-"Sets, lights, and costumes are all simple and unassuming, allowing the focus to remain on the characters and language. This allows the audience to bring their own thoughts and experiences to table and experience these characters in all their deeply flawed humanity." Clinton Campbell

, Edge Media

- "My companion for the evening, an Iraq War veteran, noted that costume designer Tyler Kinney outfits the Venetian military in the fatigues worn by American private contractors in Iraq. Meanwhile, Venice’s ruling class is dressed in rich and colorful patterns – it is as if Levenson, Brusberg, and Kinney have deliberately chosen to warn the audience that nothing in this play is black and white." - Ian Thal, Art Fuse

- "O'Leary has updated the setting of the play to modern times, appropriately dressing the men in army fatigues (designed by Tyler Kinney)" Iris Fanger, Theater Mania

- "Tyler Kinney’s tending-to-modern costumes work best in the soldiers’ fatigues." Jeffrey Gantz, Boston Globe

- "Costume director Tyler Kinney created humor with his wardrobes.  Laughter bounced off the confined walls of the theater as Cassio popped his collar or Emilia unexpectedly pulled a handkerchief from a keyhole on her blouse. Characters in blue jeans, crop tops and military camouflage helped solidify this idea of accessibility." - Pamela Stravitz, The Huntington News

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