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School for Scandal

Actor Shakespeare Project - April 2016

Director: Paula Plum

Costume Designers:

Tyler Kinney & Jen Bennet

Wigs, Hair & Make-Up: Amber Voner

Scenic Designer: Michael Griggs

Lighting Design: Karen Perlow

Photo Credit: Stratton McCrady

*2017 Eliot Norton Award Nominee

*2017 IRNE Award Nominee


Review Mentions:

-"And about those period costumes, by Tyler Kinney and Jen Bennett — they are sumptuous, each a tour de force of indulgent affectations that could amount to gaucherie were the wearers not so socially esteemed." - Jeremy D Goodwin - Boston Globe

-"The costumes designed by Tyler Kinney and Jen Bennett, with wigs and makeup by Amber Voner are no less witty than the conversations. To see the towering coiffures, topped by the sight-gags that serve as hats, is to marvel at the ingenuity of these designers." Iris Fanger -Theater Mania

-"Characters openly display their colors — along with lavish, foppish attire and wigs resembling birds’ nests exploding into feathers. (The impressive costumes are by Tyler Kinney and Jen Bennett, with hair and makeup by Amber Voner.)" - Carolyn Clay - WBUR Artery

-"It's set in the late 1700s with women wearing elegant dresses, puffy wigs, and beautifully designed hats sporting long feathers, while the men wear stockings and long coats and wave handkerchiefs." - David Brooks Andrews - Wicked Local

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